About Rabbi Lynn Claire and this blog


I am Rabbi Lynn Claire Feinberg from Oslo, Norway.

I have opened this blog as a travellogue as I plan and set out on a tour through Europe – where I will meet friends and collegues. I leave Oslo with my car, by boat on May 5th, arriving in Kiel, Germany the next day. From Kiel I drive straight to Berlin – my first stop where I will spend the first shabbat with Cantor Jalda Rebling and artist Anna Adam. On shabbat afternoon I will lead a mincha gathering through songs and stories at Ohel ha Chidush. Follow me on my journey as I travel by car…

My vision is to create spaces for dialogue around what it might mean to live as a Jew in Europe today. I also want to introduce the concept of Aleph – Europe – what might a renewal of Judaism in Europe look like? How can we be Jewish in Europe – using the values of the cultures we live and Jewish spiritual practices to enrich our lives today!

This blog is also a way for me to share my musings on the qualities of the Tree of life as I count the Omer!


Planned trip:

Leave Oslo, Thursday May 5th – arrive in Kiel, 10am Friday, May 6th

Drive from Kiel to Berlin (4-5 hours)

Arrive in Berlin Friday May 6th

Leave Berlin, Monday May 9th, drive to Prague

Stay in the Chzech Republic till Thursday May 19th

Drive from Prague to near Graz, Austria

Leave Graz on Sunday May 22st, drive to Frankfurt am Main

Stay in Frankfurt till Wednesday 25th

Drive to Holland through Bonn

Meet up with Rabbi Adalah Caplowe, co-traveller from here

Weekend May 27th – 29th in Amsterdam

Arrive in Bielefeld June 1st

Friday morning June 3rd leave for Werbellinsee, Limmud Berlin,

Sunday morning June 4th, begin our trip north through Sweden to Oslo

Arrive in Oslo late on Monday June 6th

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